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ILR RemoteApp and Remote Access agreement


The purpose of this agreement is to ensure that all users of ILR RemoteApps understand the responsibilities that come with access to and release of student data. Employees must treat data appropriately.

Policies and Procedures:

Cornell University Policy 4.12, Data Stewardship and Custodianship, provides in pertinent part:

Custodians (ILR Employees) will be held accountable for maintaining the security and confidentiality of those records to which they have access.

Cornell University Policy 4.5, Access to Student Information, provides in pertinent part:

Education records may be released only in person or in writing to an inquirer, and only with the written consent of the student.

Custodians are authorized to work on confidential data. Here are examples of practices that must be avoided:

Technical requirements:

Access to RemoteApps is restricted to computer connections originating from ILR mananged networks or the Cornell University VPN service. If you are connecting from a wireless or non-ILR network, you must follow the instructions at ILR Technology Services Remote Access to connect to the Cornell VPN before proceeding.


I have received, read, and agree to be bound by University Policy 4.12, Data Stewardship and Custodianship, University Policy 4.5: Access to Student Information, and federal, state, and local laws. I understand that a violation of these policies or laws could result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

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